xTEN acquires Aireforge

xTEN have acquired Aireforge, the company that created Aireforge Studio. This application helps data professionals optimise, secure and maintain their SQL Server estates.

Aireforge was co-created by xTEN’s founder, so it made sense to bring these companies together. The application means that anyone can have access to over 30 years’ SQL server expertise, and helps the team here at xTEN deliver services even faster, adding value from day one for our customers.

Aireforge Studio is comprised of five modules to cover all aspects of a Data Professional’s role: Optimize, Compare, Estate, Check and Script. At xTEN, we use Aireforge Studio to uncover a wide range of issues when we are troubleshooting clients’ estates. This helps us get customers’ databases in a better state as fast as possible. We even use it to fix, manage and tune databases. 

This acquisition means our customers will enjoy an even better service from xTEN. We’ll be able to use Aireforge as we are currently, but we’ll also be able to build our team’s knowledge into the application. We’ll have direct access to the Aireforge team so we can make sure the app is optimised for our customers. We’ll also show clients how to use the tool within their own teams, so they can start bringing advanced troubleshooting in-house. This means they’ll get more value for money from their xTEN relationship and grow knowledge within their own organisation.

xTEN’s customers are already benefiting from Aireforge Studio so we’re excited to open these opportunities to even more clients. One example is intuitive, a leading travel technology supplier, who used Aireforge Studio to speed up their services, improve security and get insight into their databases. This has resulted in happier customers and a more resilient service.

If you’d like to start getting more value from your SQL Server estate today, have a look at Aireforge Studio or get in touch with xTEN to find out more about our services.

xTEN are now a Microsoft Silver Partner

xTEN are now a Microsoft Silver Partner. That means we have been recognised by Microsoft for our technical expertise and customer service.

We’re excited to pass on the benefits of our partnership to our customers. Not only does our Silver status provide assurance you are working with a company trusted by Microsoft, but that you’ll be getting an even better service.

As partners, we get exclusive access to technical training and documentation that we can use to benefit your business. With better connections to the Microsoft Support team, we can help solve your problems faster. Our up-to-date knowledge of the latest solutions will help us find innovative solutions to meet your business goals.

Whether it’s getting advice on the best Microsoft solution for your business, optimising existing systems or troubleshooting, we can help you. Speak to us today to find out how you can save money, time and drive innovation through IT solutions.

xTEN become a Redgate Certified Partner

We’re pleased to announce that xTEN are a Redgate Certified Partner and one of a handful of organisations that can offer SQL Monitor licenses on a monthly basis. We offer this as part of our managed services but also to customers who may wish to scale up their monitoring for seasonal traffic or for short term projects; such as consolidating servers and services.

PNG_Redgate Partner logo_RGB_WHITE

Who are Redgate?

Redgate are the leading provider of software for professionals working on the Microsoft data platform. They help over 800,000 people in every type of organisation around the world, from small and medium sized businesses to 91% of companies in the Fortune 100. Their SQL Toolbelt helps users implement DevOps best practice for their databases, easily monitor database performance, and improve team productivity.

Improving search times for Low Cost Travel Group

Low Cost Travel Group, an online travel agent, needed their infrastructure to work harder and smarter. xTEN used their expertise to:

  • Reduce average search times from over 4 seconds to 0.8.
  • Increase search capability by 40%.
  • Improve uptime and system availability.
  • Simplify infrastructure.
  • Improve system monitoring.

The result: More sales and happier customers. Efficient systems that were easier to maintain, without the costs of new infrastructure.  

Reducing the impact of downtime with Audley Travel

Audley Travel is a Tour Operator providing high quality, tailor-made holidays. As the company was expanding quickly with multiple offices around the world, their aim was to improve resilience and improve their procedures in the event of unexpected downtime.

xTEN worked closely with Audley’s development and operations teams to design a solution that was best for them. Each office was given a local resilient cluster which can operate offline for days. This required some creative application changes and specialist knowledge of SQL Server. As well as this, we performed a SQL Server upgrade to utilise newer features and ensure version support.

The result: better protection against downtime. Thanks to the design, if one of Audley’s many office locations found their systems isolated, they could continue to work. This reduced the financial impact of time offline.