We are New Relic partners

xTEN are now a New Relic partner. New Relic is a powerful cloud-based platform that helps developers, engineers, operations and management have better visibility of complex software environments. 

New Relic is trusted by over 17,000 customers who are using it to find and fix problems faster, build high-performing DevOps teams and improve customer experience. It can be used for server monitoring, cloud migration and more.

As partners, we get access to training, best practice and the latest documentation. We already have New Relic Certified Performance Pro status and have been using it for over five years to help our customers. So, whether you’re considering a monitoring solution or need help getting more out of your current system, we can help you.

Speak to us today about how you can start getting more out of your existing IT systems. We help customers use technology to transform by designing, developing, hosting and tuning high-performance solutions.

xTEN acquires Aireforge

xTEN have acquired Aireforge, the company that created Aireforge Studio. This application helps data professionals optimise, secure and maintain their SQL Server estates.

Aireforge was co-created by xTEN’s founder, so it made sense to bring these companies together. The application means that anyone can have access to over 30 years’ SQL server expertise, and helps the team here at xTEN deliver services even faster, adding value from day one for our customers.

Aireforge Studio is comprised of five modules to cover all aspects of a Data Professional’s role: Optimize, Compare, Estate, Check and Script. At xTEN, we use Aireforge Studio to uncover a wide range of issues when we are troubleshooting clients’ estates. This helps us get customers’ databases in a better state as fast as possible. We even use it to fix, manage and tune databases. 

This acquisition means our customers will enjoy an even better service from xTEN. We’ll be able to use Aireforge as we are currently, but we’ll also be able to build our team’s knowledge into the application. We’ll have direct access to the Aireforge team so we can make sure the app is optimised for our customers. We’ll also show clients how to use the tool within their own teams, so they can start bringing advanced troubleshooting in-house. This means they’ll get more value for money from their xTEN relationship and grow knowledge within their own organisation.

xTEN’s customers are already benefiting from Aireforge Studio so we’re excited to open these opportunities to even more clients. One example is intuitive, a leading travel technology supplier, who used Aireforge Studio to speed up their services, improve security and get insight into their databases. This has resulted in happier customers and a more resilient service.

If you’d like to start getting more value from your SQL Server estate today, have a look at Aireforge Studio or get in touch with xTEN to find out more about our services.